DecoBox Widget for Axure


I developed this widget for the Web App UI at my full time job. Since most of the applications we build are data heavy I had to come up with a way to allow separation of different data types and page functionality while making viewing of the data easy with minimal scrolling.

I basically combined a box container with the drawer metaphor. I call it the DecoBox.

It can be as simple as just a display box with a title bar or as complex as a collapsible/expandable drawer action with a toolbar that has it’s own sliding trays for, wel… whatever you want.

I can say it’s been a huge success where I work. The users love that they can get things out of their way, but still have it handy with a single mouse click. The developers like having the sliding tray for forms and AJAX calls. It’s been a very flexible and intuitive UI element.

So I’ve taken the time to document it pretty thoroughly in the .rp file and make it a Custom Widget. I now offer it out to the Axure community at large.

It’s in grayscale since wireframes should be so IMHO. The width can easily be adjusted to fit your needs.

So… enjoy! If you have any questions feel free to ask @iconic_arts on Twitter or post a comment here.


Download the 5.5 .rp file

Password Strength Widgets


There was a request sent out via the Twitterverse from @axurerp asking if anyone had done a password strength widget. I thought I’d give it a shot.

* UPDATE * I added two more styles!


Download the 5.5 .rp file

MAxure RP Pro On the Way

FINALLY! The programming gurus over at Axure have caved to the relentless waves of “Why no Mac version?” of their awesome wireframing tool Axure RP Pro. I recently got a tweet from @axurerp stating the following:

“Interested in the mac version for Axure RP? We want to keep you in the loop! Please visit for updates on our progress.”

I gave a loud “WOOT!” and actually danced a jig for about 3 minutes… (okay 30 seconds). I then replied and asked about licensing. If I already purchased a Windows license will I have to buy a new one for the Mac version? God I hope not. Here was the response:

“We’re working on licensing for the two versions, but hoping to make it very favorable :)” I mean I’d pay a small fee for the Mac version, but not full price again. I’ll work through VMware Fusion if that’s the case. But the Axure folks are great and I’m sure they will work it out for us trench-workers.

Let’s hope they do it right and get an awesome port of this great tool over to a great platform soon.

Confessions of a Spendaholic

Well it had to be done and I think I’m one of the first to make it happen. We all know the new movie Confessions of a Shopaholic but with all the blatant spending going on in DC lately this was just too good to pass up. So without further delay I present to you…


Just in case you haven’t seen the original…


Photoshop Fun With

Recently you may have seen the release of the new logo for, the official web site for the giant stimulus bill. It just begs for some Photoshop spoofs. So here are mine…

Here’s the original logo…


Here’s my first spoof…


And my second attempt…


If you want to see other people’s spoofs you can see them at


Designing for iPhone & iPod Touch… Seriously.


Of all the web browsers in all the world… iPhone had to walk into my life.  It’s hard enough keeping up with the various quirks of the big hitters in the League of Unextraordinary Web Browsers… then along comes a cocky rookie called iPhone with it’s “best browsing experience” attitude.

No big deal most designers would think, “Jobs says it uses Safari so everything should be good to go”. MUHAHAHAHA you silly designer, nothing is ever what the hype sells. Now I sound facetious and maybe I am a bit, but the reason for this post is a simple one.

I showed a friend a design mockup for a church web site I’m working on. His first question was “How does it look on an iPhone? It does have like 90% of mobile web traffic.” Wow, kinda felt like a kick in the nuggets. But it was a valid question.

Since I do not own an iPhone (I have my reasons) I had to test it on the next best thing, my iPod Touch. So I pulled up the site. Amazingly it looked really good! But there were some quirks, mainly with nested backgrounds, but all in all it looked pretty intact. Then it hit me… to even read anything on the site the viewer would have to zoom in and then that starts the whole scrolling issue yadda yadda yadda.

So I thought to my self, “Self, we need to seriously consider the iPhone when designing sites now.” Great, just what I needed to hear from myself. So we set out to compile some resources for designing a web site with iPhone considerations. So now we add yet another browser to the mix. Luckily it is really a matter of CSS and a few link enhancements for maps and phone numbers.

To that end I offer the following links for reference for my UI designer comrades-in-arms. I’ll try and post updates and additions as I find them. If you want to track updates you can find them on my Delicious or eat the RSS feed.

Statistics & Traffic

Design Resources

iPhone Simulators

  • iPhoney (sorry Mac OS X only)
  • If you are a designer on a budget (or on Windows) I highly recommend picking up an iPod Touch 8Gb model for design testing. You get a true test device plus a cool toy.

Why the Blog Template Change?

Although this is a new blog and I know no one is reading it, just in case I thought I would mention why I changed from my old black/dark template. Simple. The designer didn’t know what he was doing. It worked fine until I added images to the top of posts. Looked fine on the main page but when you went into the post directly the layout fell apart. Tsk tsk tsk.

So I went back to a rock solid old favorite and here we are. Enjoy.