DecoBox Widget for Axure


I developed this widget for the Web App UI at my full time job. Since most of the applications we build are data heavy I had to come up with a way to allow separation of different data types and page functionality while making viewing of the data easy with minimal scrolling.

I basically combined a box container with the drawer metaphor. I call it the DecoBox.

It can be as simple as just a display box with a title bar or as complex as a collapsible/expandable drawer action with a toolbar that has it’s own sliding trays for, wel… whatever you want.

I can say it’s been a huge success where I work. The users love that they can get things out of their way, but still have it handy with a single mouse click. The developers like having the sliding tray for forms and AJAX calls. It’s been a very flexible and intuitive UI element.

So I’ve taken the time to document it pretty thoroughly in the .rp file and make it a Custom Widget. I now offer it out to the Axure community at large.

It’s in grayscale since wireframes should be so IMHO. The width can easily be adjusted to fit your needs.

So… enjoy! If you have any questions feel free to ask @iconic_arts on Twitter or post a comment here.


Download the 5.5 .rp file