Axure RP Pro 5.1 Widget: Drawer Slider


I decided to share one of my first Axure widgets. This is my animated drawer slider with sidebar. This mimics a sidebar with text buttons and animated toggled drawers that slide out from under the sidebar.


Download the 5.1 .rp file

Download the 5.5 .rp file


Axure RP Pro 5.5 Beta Available

In my day to day work I use Axure RP Pro for my wire frame & protoype development. If you are unfamiliar with it then you are truly missing out. It is a rapid design tool which allows you to quickly mockup a web app or web site without all the costly developer time.

I thought Axure 5.0 was amazing, but it did lack a few things that would make it outstanding. it looks like the Axure Dev team has listened intently to the Axure community and added quite a few nice features which will surely push Axure further in the prototyping arena.

Information on the beta and a download is posted on the Axure web site.

Check it out.

About time I worked on this…

Well, I’ve realized over the last couple of weeks that I really need to get my professional blog/site up and running. I recently survived a major downsizing at my current employer and while we had plenty of notice I had nothing but the tradaitional paper resume ready to go.

With that glaring short-coming wagging in my face I decided to get started.

So this is my first post on my new web-pro blog. Since I’ve gotten more into my blogging lately I’ll try to keep this one up to date. I’ll send out an offical notification of the launch when I get all the blanks filled in.

C’ya round the playground…