MAxure RP Pro On the Way

FINALLY! The programming gurus over at Axure have caved to the relentless waves of “Why no Mac version?” of their awesome wireframing tool Axure RP Pro. I recently got a tweet from @axurerp stating the following:

“Interested in the mac version for Axure RP? We want to keep you in the loop! Please visit for updates on our progress.”

I gave a loud “WOOT!” and actually danced a jig for about 3 minutes… (okay 30 seconds). I then replied and asked about licensing. If I already purchased a Windows license will I have to buy a new one for the Mac version? God I hope not. Here was the response:

“We’re working on licensing for the two versions, but hoping to make it very favorable :)” I mean I’d pay a small fee for the Mac version, but not full price again. I’ll work through VMware Fusion if that’s the case. But the Axure folks are great and I’m sure they will work it out for us trench-workers.

Let’s hope they do it right and get an awesome port of this great tool over to a great platform soon.